The Ink Spot Tattoo Studios was founded by artist/owner Steve Ferguson in 1981. The original location was a small store front in Elizabeth, New Jersey (Steve and this studio were featured in one of the very first Tattoo Revue Magazines). 4 years later, Steve relocated to a much larger store front, two blocks from the original location.

This studio has a rich history and was featured in several Tattoo Magazines as well as on the TV Shows, "Dream On" and "Friends". The Elizabeth Studio has also been a favorite stop over for many of the worlds most recognized names in tattooing such as: Jack Rudy, Brian Everett, Dick Warsocki, Ed Deutsche, Bernie Luther, Guy Athinson, Andy Gally, Tim Hoyer, Rolf Gutterman, Little Mick, Freddy Corbin, Cris Reid and more.


In order to make a distinction between the original Ink Spot Professional Tattoo Studios, associated with Steve Ferguson and cheap imitations, look for our logo (above) on all of our advertising.